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Air mass meter for the Mercedes A-Class (W168)

A-Class W168Most airmassmeters are very simple to install. You just remove it from the air tube. Not the air mass meter for the W168 however!

What can only be described as an engineering stupidity, is the integration of the airflow sensor into the ECU. In case the air mass sensor breaks, the entire ECU must be replaced. The cost for this easily exceeds €1000 and more. Mercedes realized how many problems this caused, and used the regular system in the new W169. That doesn’t help the owners of the old W168 A140, A160 and A190 though.

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New Latvian shop for air mass meter

The MAF Shop has a new partner shop for the Baltic region (Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia) with the very creative name ‘Gaisa masas mērītāji.

They offer the same air mass meter as the MAF Shop and offer very fast and cooperative customer support.

Where can you get the “PBT-GF30″ airflow meter?

There is a lot of confusion about the airflow meter with the label >PBT-GF30< and the reason why you are reading this article is probably because this is exactly what it says on your air mass meter…

The reason you haven’t found a dealer where you can buy this part is that PBT GF 30 is not a model or part number but the abbreviation for Polybutylene terephthalate and 30% glass fiber, the plastic used in all air mass meter housings – regardless of whether it’s Bosch, VDO or Pierburg.

So, how can you find the correct part number of you air mass meter?

Often the actual part number is on the other side of the housing. Sometimes this is exactly the side you can’t see when the unit is still installed, so you will have to dismount it from the air tube which takes approx. 5 minutes (check the air flow meter installation video to see how it’s done).

Also, at the MAF-Shop you can find the correct airmassmeter by choosing your car model. If you’re not sure, you can also directly contact customer support via email to inquire which air mass meter will fit your vehicle.

The CDI air mass meter – 7.22684.07.0

The MAF Shop has a new addition: The Pierburg air mass sensor 7.22684.07.0 which fits most Mercedes CDI engines and works even as a replacement for a few Land Rover / Range Rover air mass meters.

Pierburg Air mass meter 7.22684.07.0 for CDI

Pierburg Airmass meter 7.22684.07 for €74.90

The offer contains next to the sensor also an installation kit with the needed but hard to find torx bits.

By the way, I found this PDF containing some general info about the MAF itself: Pierburg PI 0024

Fake Bosch air mass meter

I receive almost every day emails from Chinese merchants who want to offer their car parts, especially airflow meters.
Though they have no problem to use Bosch numbers as if they were in a cooperation with Bosch and some manufacturers like RIYI, use packaging designs that are astonishingly similar to the original Bosch one, I haven’t actually seen any Bosch air mass meter fakes.


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Air mass meter for BMW M5


An error indicating that the air mass meter is faulty, which is quite common for the E39 M5, is twice as bad for a the driver of that M5.
Why? The M5 has two air intake hoses it also needs two air mass meters.


Though this is the engine of a E60, you can see how it has two airmassmeters

Often only one of the airmass meters is actually faulty though. You can save some money by just buying one air mass meter and trying out which one is really broken. Continue reading »

Airflow meter: Installation and information video

The MAF Shop just released an English version of their video about air mass meters. It gives you a quick general explanation about airmassmeter and installation instructions.

Check it out:

The savior of the FSI and 2.5 TDI engines – Pierburg 7.22684.10.0

pierburg-logoThe Pierburg air mass meter 7.22684.08.0 has been quite a popular replacement of the Bosch air mass meter used in many of Volkswagen’s TDI engines, which is known to be susceptible to faults.
Except for a few exceptions the 7.22684.08.0 mainly fit for the 1.9 TDI used by Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW. However, there was no airmass meter replacement equivalent to Bosch’s quality for the 2.5 TDI, FSI and 1.8 T (exact vehicle list).

Finally Pierburg offers now also an air mass sensor for those models, called 7.22684.10.0. Same as the 7.22684.08.0 the 7.22684.10.0 uses a very precise hot-film sensor which is quite more accurate and durable than the cheap Asian replicas and much cheaper than the Bosch airmassmeter, which costs >200€.

The MAF-Shop offers the Pierburg 7.22684.10.0 airflow meter for €99.90 incl. taxes (+shipping):


Pierburg air mass meter 7.22684.10.0 for € 99.90

This offer also includes an installation kit, which you will need since the Bosch air mass meter is secured with special torx screws.

installation set

The installation requires no re-prorgramming. It’s pretty simple plug&play or in this case plug&drive :-)

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PIERBURG air mass meter for turbodiesel engines (TD & TDS)

The MAF-Shop offers now an OEM airmass meter by Pierburg (7.22184.50.0) which fits the 2.5 l turbo diesel (td) and intercooled turbodiesel (tds) engines, that were used in the BMW (M51D25) E36, E34, E39 and the E38, as well as in the Vauxhall (also known as Opel) Omega B (25DT).

Especially the 5-series E39 525tds, 525td and the 3-series E36 with the 325td version, were some of the most popular BMW diesel models, so I’m sure a lot of the turbodiesel-enthusiasts will be happy about this cheap offer:
The PIERBURG MAF 7.22184.50.0 costs €179.90 (+shipping cost) and can be ordered through this link:

PIERBURG Air mass meter 7.22184.50.0 for 179.90EUR

PIERBURG air mass meter 72218450

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Ordering an airmass meter from Germany

maf shop in germanyThe MAF Service GmbH – the company behind the MAF-Shop – is situated in Berlin, the capital of Germany, but distributes their air mass meters worldwide.
Their website and customer service is available in German, English, Spanish and French.

But how does it work when you order an airmass meter from somewhere else in the world?

The payment process via credit card or PayPal is pretty much possible from anywhere, bank transfers are also available – in the EU they’re even for free.

Also, if you have the air mass meter shipped to somewhere outside the EU, like the United States, Canada,… the German VAT is automatically deducted. That’s 19%!

For example, the Bosch air mass meter 0280 217 114 which fits a lot of Mercedes models, costs instead of 199.90€ only 168€ (you divide the amount including VAT by 1.19 to deduct the German VAT, don’t worry though, the online shop does it automatically for you).

If you want your air mass meter to be delivered within the EU and you have a VAT ID, like most business in the European Union do, you can also deduct the 19%.

DHLThe main shipping courier that is used, is DHL which delivers almost to anywhere in the world and is pretty cheap. Here are the details, but let’s have a quick overview:

  • Shipping within the EU (UK, Netherlands,..) costs 8.90€ and take 2-3 business days.
  • Shipping within Europe costs 12.90€ and take 2-4 business days.
  • Shipping to the rest of the world costs upto 32€. Inquire for more details. Especially to the USA cheap and quick shipping via FedEx is available.

Don’t forget that you might have to pay customs if you have the air mass meter shipped somewhere outside the EU.